My Core Values

I understand that we are all flawed human beings seeking to improve and balance out things in one way or another. Balance out our truth and how we respond to our true calling. It takes courage and initiative despite of all the odds and obstacles I’ve encountered – this is something I continue to strive forward with my values:

I believe in self-improvement over perfection.

I believe in asking, listening, and understanding.

I believe in generosity and grace.

I believe in accountability and teamwork.

I believe in love, forgiveness, and patience.

I believe in making things right and optimism.

I believe in being flexible and showing up.

I believe in sharing wisdom.

I believe in gratitude, openness, and honesty.

I believe in efficiency and intuition.

I believe in self-reflection and well-being.

I believe in perseverance and commitment

I believe in taking the initiative.

I believe in awareness and transparent communication with actionable items.