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Coordinating group trips

UX Team: Abby Fraioli, Konrad Bieniek, myself | Duration: 2 Weeks | Project Status: Ongoing

My Role: UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Manager

Project Overview

Fundamentally; planning group trips everyone is on a different page. This is due to arrangement of collaboration tools available, hotels, flights, and time constraints. We seek understand the challenges and the opportunities.


2 weeks

Limitations, Parameters, Resources, and Materials

We used sharpies and paper, whiteboards, Sketch App, Google Forms, InVision App, and Google Slides.

Initial Problem Statement

Organizing a large group trip involves a lot of planning and decision making. The group needs to stay in constant communication to ensure they are coordinated on flights, accommodations, and shared expenses. They also need to make decisions on dining options and activities.

How might we help streamline the coordination, communication, and planning of group trips for trip goers in one place?

How did you confirm or refine your initial assumptions?

Research goals

  • Asses the market for group travel and identify competitors
  • Find out what users need for planning group travel


  • User interviews
  • Competitive matrix
  • Feature analysis
  • Surveys

User Interviews

  • 4 in person interviews
  • Interviewed both trip organizers and participants
  • Ask questions about:
  • Past experience with group trips
  • Coordinating plans with group
  • Flight & hotel plan communication
  • Activity & food decisions
  • Settling expenses

“It’s fine as long as everyone has a similar strategy for planning, planning the trip is like working on project, there are people more engaged or less engaged. It’s better if one person plans everything and others just say ‘yes’.”


Users response:

  1. I need constant communication with my trip group
  2. tracking expenses is cumbersome and manual
  3. I coordinate my transportation with the group
  4. I think it’s best when one person manages the details
  5. Hard to make decisions without group feedback
  6. Everyone has an opinion on where to eat / what to do / where to stay
  7. Google provides with great trip planning tools
  8. I depend on google docs and spreadsheets


A quick look at what’s available

Google Trips is a new app that helps you plan an upcoming trip.

  • Provides suggestions for activities and dining
  • Helps you develop trip day plans
  • Automatically syncs hotel and flight information from your Gmail
  • Provides downloadable travel guides for offline viewing

What’s Google Trips missing? (Google Trips vs Tripper Keeper)


  • Individual
  • Fragmented communication
  • Separate plans


  • Group
  • Central chat
  • Consolidated, shared itinerary

Sketches & Design

Synthesis to Wireframing the design convergence


  • Central communication
  • Activity and Restaurant polls
  • Expense tracking
  • Flight / hotel coordination

Annotated Screens

Usability Tests and Resulting Iterations

Prototype https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/VNW12799879UTE#/screens/268046857_iPhone_8_Landing_Page


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