Here are my getting started resource

Naming and organizing things

Naming things in Figma by Joey Banks

keeping things organized how microsoft team does it

figma component the frontify way (tips)

Scalable design system and Block Element Modifier way

Best practices

Best practices of components, styles, and shared libraries

How does figma structure things

File structure best practice guide

Atomic 2.0

Figma project structure inspo

project template

project index (figma cover)

Figma component tips by Danny Sapio

Youtube Videos on Figma must knows

Figma vs FigJam by Femke

setting up your grids by Mizko

Why you should use components by AM Design

Mistakes Designers make with Figma Components by AM Design

Mistakes noobs & pros designers made in Figma by AM Design

Mastering autolayout in Figma by AM Design

Figma tips and tricks from the team that builds Figma


Startup Drive Folder Organization: Free Template


Author: Tom Lowry on Nested Grids

Nested Grids figma design demo file (duplicate the file)

The Comprehensive 8pt Grid Guide
Start your UI project right with this extended framework for the 8pt grid: Typography, Icons and Layout.

Design System based on the 8pt Grid
This article is the 2nd in a two part series

Responsive layout grid guide for designers
Start your UI project learning how to build a responsive layout grid on Sketch or Figma for your responsive websites.

Red flags design intervies can reveal

9 Figma design system tips
A collection of handy tips to improve your design system workflow in Figma.