Core – Design File Template (the primer with resource to read)
By Anatoly Verbitsky

Source of truth Design Deck
By Femke van Schnoohoven

Katie – Design Starter Kit V1.2
By Mehdi Rezvan Pour

File Start template
By Luis Ouriach

Design File Template
By Saroj Shahi

Figma Project Template
By Tobias Negele

Design Project Template
By Dropbox

Design Annotations & File Template Setup 2.0 (Edit 6/27/2022)
By Zeta

Designer Project File Template
By Kieran

Designers Project Styleguide
By Kieran

Empty Project Template – with pages and text/color styles

Project Proposal Template (once you got the gist of organization and ready to freelance there’s a starter proposal template)
By Prizigner

Project Proposal
By Soren Iverson

Page Index
By Ankur Chauhan

Simple Project Proposal Template by ORWHAT
By Richard

Project Index Template
By Shopify and Komal Javed

Figma Page Generator plugins

Project Scaffold
By Tushar Debnath

SM Scaffold
By Mark Uraine and Will Symons

Product Planner (really cool templates like persona and more)
By Hexorial Studio and others

//8pt Grid
By Isaac Sheptovitsky
The Comprehensive 8pt Grid Guide

Grids for frames that can help with laying out content
Presentation Grid System
By Prof Fig

//General Figma plugins

Discord plugin Directory
By Discord

Minimap, similar Adobe Illustrator Navigator panel

Better File Thumbnails

Handy Components

But wait there’s more


By the way, Femke a comprehensive resource at her YouTube on Design file organization and presentation and portfolio case studies
Femke Design YouTube channel

Design File Setup by Femke van Schoonhoven

Figma Project Design Deck by Femke

A resource for User FlowsUxflow 2.0 – FREE Flowchart kit for Sketch and Figma
Greg Dlubacz