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  • Golden Canon Grids for Layout, UI, Visual Design

    One more resource for y’all and this one is a good one in terms of UI Design and layout design in general for Visual Design ===================Golden Canon Grid by Bont aka Adrian Somoza (👈🏽 YouTube link jumps to a search result on grids that will help you leverage how to compose layouts using the grids) […]

  • Font Stuff and Wait There’s More

    Fonts The League of Moveable Type Google Fonts Font Squirrel Fontshare Lost Type Typewolf Pairings Femmebot Fontjoy Fontpair Perfect Pairings Reliable Pairings Typekit Pairings Additional Ten Great Google Font Combinations for Your Next Design Project (Another) Ultimate Font Pairing Article List of font pairing and typography tools – welcome to follow me on Medium and […]

  • My Favorite Color Rool: Colorable Text Demo and Matrix Table

  • My Go To For Fonts

    Google Fonts or Open Source Fonts GaramondJosefin SanJosefin SlabLatoMonserratPoppinOpen SansOswaldRalewayRobotoSource San Pro Commercial Fonts BaskervilleBrandon GrotesqueBrothersCalton EleganceChocolates by TypetypeFountain by fontunesFranklin GothicFuturaHalimun ScriptIntro RustMinionNeo MayhemNeufreitNeutrafaceNewakeProxima NovaRhode WhiteSequel SansSucrose by Yellow Design StudioTrend Rough by LatinotypeTT Berlinerins Modern Script & Old Grotesk by TypetypeWashington DC Elegant Apple System Fonts AvenirFuturaGill SansHelveticaHelvetica NeueMyriad

  • Figma Font Tools; the plugins, and typography

    Font related plugins Font preview plugins Font Viewer Better Font Picker Typescales Font Scale Text Resizer – Accessibility Checker—Accessibility-Checker Font Pair Glyphs Arc Styles related plugins Automatic Style Guides Textyles Textstyles StyleList Style Docs Figma’s Google Font Pair Recommended  Typography anatomy and terminology for later

  • A decent Starter Figma Design File for Projects, Project Proposal, Case Study Proposal, Presentation and a Primer on 8pt grid system, Figma plugins

    Core – Design File Template (the primer with resource to read)By Anatoly Verbitsky Source of truth Design DeckBy Femke van Schnoohoven Katie – Design Starter Kit V1.2By Mehdi Rezvan Pour File Start templateBy Luis Ouriach Design File TemplateBy Saroj Shahi Figma Project TemplateBy Tobias Negele Design Project TemplateBy Dropbox Design Annotations & File Template Setup […]

  • Timers for time boxing and time tracking while in FigJam, and General Collaborative Pomodoro Timer, and Project Manager

    Timers for time boxing and time tracking while in FigJam, and all general timer that’s collaborative for teams. Very important down the line to time box and build up your own estimation on activities and task. Hint: When freelancing or doing contract FigJenda Activity Tracker Big Timer A Collaborative all around Pomodoro timerPomodoro timer with […]

  • Leadership Styles

    Leadership styles I’ve adopted up in my career or line of work. • be adaptable to communication styles.• set the tenor of working agreement early before the work begins.• over communicate than simplication.• be empathetic and assume good intentions, say this during working agreements• share out the email charter

  • How to make Visual Design great by using grids and auto layout in Figma

    How to make Visual Design great by using grids and auto layout in Figma

    Here’s my reading list for teams and solo designers: Everything about grids by Thomas Lowry, Designer Advocate at Figma🔗 Duplicate this file it’s the example of nested grids example from Tom’s article’s an embedded version you can explore Create layout grids using frames or nest frames (hint they help auto layout settings when using […]