One more resource for y’all and this one is a good one in terms of UI Design and layout design in general for Visual Design

Golden Canon Grid by Bont aka Adrian Somoza (👈🏽 YouTube link jumps to a search result on grids that will help you leverage how to compose layouts using the grids)

If you still like to learn about designing interfaces with the golden canon grid.
Here’s a free video course at this (screenshot of the course included below)

By the way, I downloaded the freebies so you don’t have to hunt for it ⤴️ at the freebie video course.

The downloads are right here, I have Version 2 and Version 3

Screenshot of v2 and v3

Download for v2.0

Download for v3.0

Screenshot of the free course that has the Golden Canon Grid v3.0

Screenshot of Golden Canon Grid course by Bont aka Adrian Somoza