Responsive layout grid fluid

Here’s my reading list for teams and solo designers:

Everything about grids by Thomas Lowry, Designer Advocate at Figma
🔗 Duplicate this file it’s the example of nested grids example from Tom’s article
Here’s an embedded version you can explore

Create layout grids using frames or nest frames (hint they help auto layout settings when using grids)

Additional articles

Figma: How to build responsive and scalable grids for web-design

Responsive layout grid guide for designers (part 1 is referenced, this is part 2 though)

Everything you need to know as a UI designer about spacing & layout grids

Responsive grids and how to actually use them

The Comprehensive 8pt Grid Guide
Start your UI project right with this extended framework for the 8pt grid: Typography, Icons and Layout. Part 1

Design System based on the 8pt Grid
This article is the 2nd in a two part series